Maintaining Your Membership

CTTAM is a self-regulated association under the Certified Applied Science Technologists Act of Manitoba.   CTTAM’s members are required to pay annual dues.  In the future, CTTAM is looking into having Members comply with a mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program.

Regulated members are those with designations of:

C.Tech.   (Certified Technician)
C.E.T.      (Certified Technologist)

Exempt from Continuing Professional Development are:

Retired Members
Unemployed/On Leave Members

Certified Members must pay annual dues to keep their membership and certification active.   The annual dues schedule is as follows:

Certified Members         $175.00
Associates                     $130.00
Retired Members           $30.00

Membership rates will be pro-rated to reflect when the membership becomes active.

Membership Status Change

An active CTTAM member who has recently become unemployed or is retiring from active practice, may apply for a change in the status of their membership.   Please contact the CTTAM office at or call 204-784-1083. 

An unemployed or retired CTTAM member who has found employment or is returning to work from retirement, will need to contact the CTTAM office to advise admin staff of the change in status.  Please note that when returning to active practice, the member will also need to pay the remaining dues for the membership year in which they have returned to work.

An active CTTAM  member who wishes to cancel or resign their membership in good standing can contact the CTTAM office at 204-784-1083 or email