Self-Regulated Profession

Excerpt from The Certified Applied Science Technologists Act of Manitoba L.M. 1998, c. 56 – Chap. C45.1:


Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association is to regulate and govern the use by a natural person of any of the words "Certified Engineering Technician", "Certified Engineering Technologist", "Certified Applied Science Technician", "Certified Applied Science Technologist", and the initials "CET", "C.E.T.", "AScT", "A.Sc.T.", "CTech" or "C.Tech." or any like words, initials, or expressions used alone or in combination with other words or expressions as a designation connoting a person recognized by law as a Certified Engineering Technician, Certified Engineering Technologist, Certified Applied Science Technician or Certified Applied Science Technologist of The Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba Inc., but in no way restricts the right of any individual to carry on his or her occupation.