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CTTAM Members

Qualifying for Membership

Benefits of Membership

Certification provides Technicians and Technologists with a valued designation when applying for a new job, or for advancement with their present employer.

Certified members of CTTAM are recognized as professionals within their field of work. They are recognized as having the level of education and experience required to perform their duties.

Employers know that professionals who are certified by CTTAM meet the education and experience standards set out by the national body, Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB)

Newcomers to Canada who have high levels of technical education and experience can benefit greatly by having their education and experience certified by CTTAM.
CTTAM certification is transferable to other provinces across the country.

Who Qualifies for Membership

Members certified as technicians generally come from an accredited one or two year technicians program at a technical college. Members certified as Engineering or Applied Science Technologist generally comes from a two or three year Technology program at a technical college.

Newcomers to Canada who have an equivalent technical education or an engineering degree, acceptable to the panel of examiners, may also meet the academic requirements. Internationally educated engineering and engineering technology professionals are encouraged to apply to CTTAM for membership / certification. A complete list of disciplines can be found at Disciplines of Registration.

Each applicant is assessed on an individual basis. In addition to the education each applicant must have two years of experience in their field before being certified, however, newcomers to Canada who meet the academic requirements are granted up to one year of experience from outside of Canada and must gain one additional year of Canadian experience. The experience needs to be verified by three qualified references.

Newcomers to Canada from certain countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia may be eligible for transferring of membership or for recognition of academics based on the following reciprocity / transferability agreements:

  • Canadian Council of Technicians & Technologists (CCTT) and National Institute of Certified Engineering Technologists (NICET) - United States
  • CCTT and Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) - United Kingdom
  • Sydney Accord
  • Dublin Accord
  • Washington Accord