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We are excited to announce CTTAM’s 50th AGM and Anniversary Event scheduled for November 6 and 7, 2015.  We will celebrate this milestone in the company of old and new acquaintances; exploring our past, present and future as we listen to the wisdom of our great keynote speakers.

Friday’s event will focus on the launch of CTTAM’s new Mentorship Program providing a great opportunity to network with professionals representing a cross-section of industries.  Saturday’s events will include the 50th AGM and culminate with the 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner.  Both events will showcase unique venues, high profile speakers, and great cuisine.

It is our hope that you will join us in celebrating CTTAM’s Past, Present and Future…the Next 50 Years!  For information on events, registration and sponsorship visit:  www.cttam50th.ca

Kindest Regards,

Tracey Kucheravy, C.E.T.
Nathalie Emond, C.E.T., M.Ed., B.Sc. 
CTTAM 50th Committee Chairs


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Launch Announcement - CTTAM Linkedln Group

Do you:
  • Want to connect with other CTTAM members?
  • Want a careeer or technical advice from other Technicians and Technologists?
  • Want to expand your network of Technicians and Technologists?
  • Have a Linkedlin Account?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, then the CTTAM Linkedln group is for you. The Group is open to active CTTAM Certified and Retired Members, Associates and Students. A basic Linkedln is free. To become a member of the group, just follow the link below and click on the JOIN button.


News Release

The CTTAM Board of Directors are: Neil Klassen, C.E.T. President, AECOM Canada Ltd; Grant Nicol C.E.T. Past President, Assiniboine Community College; Kellie Orr C.E.T, President-elect, HDK Consulting Inc; Directors are: Michelle Amigo CET. Dillon Consulting Ltd; Gerhard Hoppenheit C.E.T. GWH Construction Management Services Inc; David Little C.E.T. Manitoba Hydro; Larry Nasberg LLB Legal Counsel; Andrew Procca C.E.T. National Research Council of Canada; Robert Sobiak C.E.T. and Nichol Stykalo, C.E.T. Manitoba Hydro.

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Have you changed your contact information? If so, please let us know at (204) 784-1083. If you wish to give back to the Technology Profession and volunteer your time, please contact Terry Gifford, Executive Director at (204) 784-1080 or tgifford@cttam.com

Technical Report Writing Program

Contact the CTTAM office or look at the brochure on this website. A link is provided to the co-ordinator.

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